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Established in October 2019, Guestronomy is the brainchild of Sareeka John and Payal Bafna, passionate individuals dedicated to transforming the craft of experience curation. With a commitment to surpassing guest expectations, our unique selling proposition lies in our ability to enhance experiences from the guest perspective. 


At Guestronomy, our mission is to redefine hospitality by curating immersive experiences that transcend expectations. We believe in fostering lasting connections through the art of culinary excellence, creating moments that resonate with our guests long after their visit. Our vision is to lead the evolution of hospitality, inspiring moments of delight and connection in every encounter. We aspire to set new standards for personalized guest experiences globally, shaping the future of hospitality with innovation, creativity, and a relentless commitment to excellence.


“Guestronomy adds the perfect layer of finesse to your culinary and guest experiences that you envisage for your audiences. Their attention to detail is what makes the noticeable difference!”


-Thomas Alex, Managing Director
Mercedes Benz Coastal Star

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At the heart of Guestronomy lies the relationship between food, culture, and the guest. The logo symbolizes this connection, with the knife and fork representing restaurants, the key representing hotels and corporates, and the plate representing food pop-ups. Guestronomy is deeply rooted in the concept of modern hospitality.

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